Indonesian Muslim fashion wants the world's attention
Loose-fitting “modest wear” combines with monotone sporty minimalism in the unconvential motifs of Rani Hatta’s Muslim-influenced collection. Eschewing the hijab, her female models cover their hair with a baseball-like cap worn over a tight hood and stylish big turtle-neck collar. The up-and-coming Indonesian designer is working to prove that fashionable Islamic style can remain faithful to religious teachings while also appealing to non-believers. “Because I am an Indonesian, I
Experience nature’s beauty in Norway by viewing the northern lights, fjords and mountains. Witness the afternoon moon and midnight sunsets too! Remember to catch the aurora borealis before it dims for the next decade. Fret not for urban dwellers; the fast growing capital, Oslo, is the go-to place for exciting food, music and culture.
Mosque open day in Victoria, Australia aims to strengthen spirit
Mosques across the state of Victoria in Australia will open their doors next month to strengthen community spirit and break down misconceptions. The Islamic Council of Victoria’s Mosque Open Day, funded by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Office of
The sources of disobedience of God
It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: The sources of rebellion against God and disobedience of Allah (SWT) are in six cases: Love of the world, love of position, love of the food/eating, love for
Man and Tranquility in the Family
In a Hadith we read: “The woman who renders patience towards her husband’s bad temper will have the reward (given by Allah) to Prophet Ayoob (A.S)’s wife.”‌ In another Hadith from the Infallible, we are advised thus: ”‌The man who torments his wife will have his prayers and fasting
High sodium levels make you always Hungry
Everyone knows that salty foods make you thirsty. But according to new research, when people increase their sodium intake long-term, they actually drink less water. And that’s not the study’s only surprising finding: High sodium levels also increase feelings of hunger, the authors say, which may suggest that high-salt diets contribute to weight gain. Experts say this counterintuitive discovery—that dietary salt boosts appetite but decreases thirst—upends more than 100 years of conventional scientific wisdom. The findings are published this week as a set of two papers in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. In the first paper, German and American researchers report on 10 Russian
Solve frequent waking sleep problems with toddlers
Most parents of young children and toddlers come across sleep issues at some time during their child's first 2 years. This sometimes occurs with children and young toddlers that have normally slept quite well through their infant months. Around
Into Thin Air
Set a glass and a large plate side by side on a counter. Pour ¼ cup of water into the glass and ¼ cup of water onto the plate. Over the next day, watch what happens to the water.
Tangy Honey Glazed Ham
Ingredients 1 (10 pound) fully-cooked, bone-in ham 1 1/4 cups packed dark brown sugar 1/3 cup pineapple juice 1/3 cup honey 1/3 large orange, juiced and zested 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves Directions Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Place ham in a
Creation, Eternity, and Modern Cosmology: A Critique of Dr. Hawking's Views
When we enter college or the workplace, or any place in the modern world, we are oftentimes pummeled with various difficult questions to our beliefs.  It can be tough sometimes to maintain our identity in the face of these attacks.  Without satisfactory answers and replies to these objections, it’s not surprising that people are leaving religion in droves after failing to survive the constant militant scientific and atheistic onslaught.  A little while ago, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar here in Qum which addressed some recent issues raised in theoretical and quantum physics.  On the surface, some